Église Évangélique BÉTHEL
Église Évangélique BÉTHEL

Our Ministry

The International Centre of Evangelisation and Deliverance (C.I.E.D.) BETHEL,
is a ministry of prayer, of delivrance, of intercession and evangelism for all nations.


It was founded in August 2016 by the Pastors Adama-Israel and Corine OUEDRAOGO.


It is the first missionary church of the Assemblies of God (AD) of Burkina-Faso in France..


The missions of C.I.E.D. BÉTHEL

  • The deliverance of those oppressed or possessed by unclean spirits or demons ;
  • The intercession for various queries ;
  • The healing prayer for the sick ;
  • The proclamation of the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus ;
  • The participation in socio-economic and cultural development of Burkina Faso ;
  • The spiritual and material support of vulnerable people in general, widows and orphans in particular.


The specific objectives of C.I.E.D. BÉTHEL

  • Bring deliverance and healing the sick and possessed people ;
  • Proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus for the salvation and the restoration of man ;
  • Organize prayer meetings and training ;
  • Plant churches ;
  • Train servants of Christ Jesus ;
  • Work to build and unify the Body of Christ.

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