Église Évangélique BÉTHEL
Église Évangélique BÉTHEL

Our Churches

In France

Church in Paris


Our main church is the Evangelical Church BÉTHEL


The C.I.E.D. BETHEL center is led by Senior Pastor Israel Adama OUEDRAOGO and his wife Pastor Corine OUEDRAOGO. They are supported by Assistants Pastors for achieving their mission and goals.


The missions of C.I.E.D. BÉTHEL

  • The deliverance of those oppressed or possessed by unclean spirits or demons ;
  • The intercession for various queries ;
  • The healing prayer for the sick ;
  • The proclamation of the Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus ;
  • The participation in socio-economic and cultural development of Burkina Faso ;
  • The spiritual and material support of vulnerable people in general, widows and orphans in particular.

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