Église Évangélique BÉTHEL
Église Évangélique BÉTHEL

Our Training

The SILOE Bible Training Centre offers two types of training for all those and all those who have a vocation to divine ministry or wish to have a solid foundation in the knowledge of the word of God, to stand firm and resist false doctrines and false teachings of the last times (2 Timothy 4 : 3-5).


International School of Biblical Ministry

I.S.B.M (Presentation extract)


One of the greatest needs in the world today is to raise faithful and effective drivers. The major objective of the program is to strengthen existing training institutions and to local churches worldwide training centers to the Ministry. The program also gives local pastors the opportunity to raise leaders for the work of the ministry and the establishment of new churches in their local contexts. Jesus has called us to make disciples and not simple believers. The film "Jesus" and other evangelistic efforts have led millions of souls to salvation. Drive these new believers to a high level of training and education in their mother tongue.

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Women of the World


Women of the World (WoW), a DVD training for women made by women.


Women share and teach the women of the world on common subjects to all.

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